Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Story

Where do I begin?   Back in the fall of 2003, I was picking up pecans in my small orchard, which I do every fall.  I crawl around on the ground and work pretty hard.  My record year of pecans was over 3000 pounds on 14 nice sized trees.

My right knee got a little sore, oops, it was my left knee.    I thought it was just from crawling around on the ground.  It continued to be very painful.  In the spring it was still painful.  I thought that I needed a laproscopic surgery and then I would be good to go.  I had a garden to plant and grass to mow, so, I needed to get on with it.

My insurance does not require a referral so I went straight to an Orthopedic surgeon.  He did an x-ray of my knee.  He didn't have much "pazazz" so I went to another doctor.  He looked at the x-rays and said there was too much bone marrow above and below the knee.  He did not elaborate, and I did not get concerned.  I just really wanted my knee fixed, because I had things to do.  Then the doctor ordered a bone scan.  The nurse called and said that I had something coming out of  my right kidney.  That scared me.  She said it was probably just a calcium deposit.  The next day I was to have a C T Scan.  After my scan, my daughter and I went to see some ceramic tile that she had created that had been installed in a million dollar home.  When I got home, my family doc had called a few times.  (Keep in mind I had not seen him for my knee problems.)  I called him back and he wanted to talk.  He asked how I was and where I had been.  I said, "oh, by the way I had a C T Scan this morning."  He said "I know."  When he said that my heart nearly stopped.  He knew something about all of this.  He said that the Radiology Doctor, the Orthopedic Doctor, a "Tumor Doctor" and himself  had been talking about me all afternoon.  He said, "I need to tell you something, but I don't want you to kill yourself getting here.  So I said, "Just tell me."  He said, "You have a mass in your abdomen." I said, "So what is the plan?"

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